Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Flavored Marshmallow Treats

Marshmallow Treats photo IMG_34591_zps3xui4mcj.jpg

These are so easy to make the kids
can do them and have fun in the kitchen.

  • Jello powder
  • Bag of large marshmallows 
  • Water
  • Sucker Sticks or colored straws
  1. Empty your jello powder into individual bowls by color.
  2. Place a straw or sucker stick 3/4 deep into each marshmallow.
  3. Quickly dip marshmallow into a cup of water.
  4. Shake off excess water.
  5. Spoon jello powder over damp marshmallows, covering thoroughly.
  6. Set marshmallow pop on a sheet of parchment until completely dry.
I've seen these marshmallow pops done with different toppings:  cupcake sprinkles, pulverized skittles, candy melts and granulated sugar.  There are lots of combinations out there.


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