Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ribbon Petal Hair Bows

I love making little hair bows and clips.
These are a some hair clips I made for a giveaway. Actually these are so simple, I have made several sets of these in a variety of colors.  And they are versatile, as you can clip them directly to the hair, or to a soft headband.

Begin with two metal clips and a length of ribbon long enough to cover the clip on one side only.  You need to leave one side of the metal prongs open to slide into the hair.

Beginning at the top of the clip, hot glue the ribbon in place (opening the prongs to finish).

One side has open metal prongs.

The other side is completely covered with ribbon.

Make (or choose) an embellishment for the top and glue it in place.  That's it!  Your done.  A cute set of hair clips for your little one.

The following is a review from the giveaway host:    Cherished Handmade Treasures Adorable Bows



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