Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Custom Designed IPhone Case--Vista Print

Are you looking for the perfect stocking stuffer? Or is there someone on your holiday list that you still haven't figured out that exact gift you're looking forLook no further!  A personalized IPhone case that YOU design will be right on the money.      

Your iPhone is always nearby—in your pocket, in your bag, and a lot of times, it’s right in your hand. So why not give it some personality? At Vistaprint, you can upload your favorite picture from your family vacation, your children’s graduation, your birthday, or anything in between to create a customized iPhone case that’s as unique as you! Plus, for a limited time, you can design your own for only $9.99 plus shipping & processing—50% off its original price!

It’s your call – whether it’s your annual family picture that finally turned out perfectly, your photo of the new puppy that finally joined your family, or your friend’s picture from your road trip together—Vistaprint gives you the opportunity to design the perfect case for your iPhone. You can also choose a piece of art, like your child’s favorite finger-painting that you took a picture of and send to your relatives, and create a case that speaks volumes about what (and who) you love.

Your iPhone says a lot about you: it’s your pictures, your music, your apps, and much more. So head to Vistaprint and design a case that says even more at a price that will make everyone jealous!

Shipping starts at $5.52



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