Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween Cupcake Kit

I was planning on participating in a Halloween giveaway a while ago.  The participants needed to submit a gift that was worth at least $25.00 and was Halloween related.  I thought about it for a while and finally settled on a Halloween Cupcake Kit.  I began to get all of these great ideas for the kit and then the giveaway was cancelled.  :( 

Since my mind was already racing with all of these ideas, I decided to go ahead and make my kit anyway.  I figured I could always use it as a gift for someone. Above is a photo of the box and a few of the items I put inside.  The next one shows everything I have stuffed inside that black box.  I know it's hard to see everything in one picture, so I'm going to break it down some for you.

I printed off some labels I found on the internet and then enhanced them.  Some I made. I added lots of ribbon and glitter (and glittery ribbon.)  :)

This photo shows some of the potion jars.  For the bone dust I used small decorator candy bones, the earth worms, I used green and black decorator candy worms.  The sugar of lead is sparkling sanding sugar, and the magic toads I filled the jar with green decorator sugar.

For the bag of Ogre Snot, I used Juicy Oozer gummi bugs--the green and yellow only.  And the Melted Witches--Wilton's Candy Melts (in black).

I was shopping at Walmart one day and came across the funnest gummy cupcake toppers ever!  There were two brains (Zombie Brains), two ears (Human Flesh) and two eyes (Eyeballs).  I believe they were made by Wilton.  However, I forgot to take a photo before I tore the package apart and repackaged them in my bags.  I have searched all over the internet, looking for a picture of them on another web site (Wilton or Walmart)--nothing!  The candy molds in the photo below are the closest thing I came up with, but the gummies in the packages above look just like these.

Next, I added some shrunken heads.  Again, Wilton. 

For the Eye of Newt, I used the yellow and green colored Wilton eyeballs.

And then we have the Life Renewal Potion (Frosting Creations), Spine Tingling Tonic (Sparkling Gel), and Swamp Water (Black Gel).

And lots of fun Halloween cupcake liners, and cupcake picks.

And for the Halloween birthday cupcake, we have Spider Legs.  Fun black and white candles. 

But now that I have it done, I'm not sure I want to give it away.  :)



  1. I wouldn't want to give it away either :) It's an awesome kit!

  2. OMG! Love it! I love how creative you got with the contents - Super Cute!!!



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