Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Flower Headband

This is another project from Amber.  :)
The other day I caught my 3 year old being bored.  She had peeled the ribbon off one of her headbands.  I looked at the headband trying to figure out a way to salvage it and make it cuter.  It was poorly made. The ribbon was no longer sticking. Besides it was kind of drab.  So, I decided to go through my craft box and figure something out. 

I sew a bunch of flowers at the same time and then wait to either attach them to a cloth headband or barrettes. I had never thought of putting them on a headband suitable for a toddler. I decided on the flower and went to work.

Supplies Needed:
Glue Gun
Plain headband
Jewel or button etc. for center of flower

You will need to sew the flower first. Directions for that can be found here on this blog.
Step 1: Start wrapping and gluing the headband with desired color and thickness of ribbon.
Step 2: Seal ribbon at ends with a dab of hot glue.
Step 3: Glue on flower anywhere on the headband.

And there you have it a simple and thrifty way to make over a headband.


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  2. That is so precious. What a pretty fabric flower.

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