Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mod Podge Photo Christmas Ornaments

I thought I posted this before Christmas.  When I checked my blog today I realized it was just sitting there waiting...So, here it is, too late for the holiday, but in plenty of time for next year.  :)

I have made these ornaments a few times over the years.  No one would ever guess how easy they are to make, and they make a great keepsake gift for everyone on your list.

glass ornaments
Christmas decorations
paint brush
glue gun

Scan your favorite picture into the computer and print onto paper.  The picture needs to be pliable enough when you Mod Podge it onto the ornament it will bend to the shape of the round ball.  Printing it onto regular paper will allow it to do this.

1.  Cut out around the picture.   2.  Mod-Podge the cut out picture to the ornament.  3. Mod-Podge the rest of the ornament and sprinkle glitter to the back of the ornament (make sure the picture area is dry before doing this).  4. Decorate around the rough edge with ribbon/cord.  Tie a bow and glue to the top or use some other Christmas decoration.  Then tie a string to hang it with.  Done!  Simple, easy gift.


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