Friday, May 14, 2010

Spring Treats--Banana Dog Cookies

I love to experiment while I'm cooking and baking. So who better to bake for than a group that doesn't care what the cookies look like or how they taste when they are done? My poochies!  For the most part, they're not a very discerning group.  :)



2 ½ cups flour
½ cup dry milk
1 beaten egg
1 ripe, mashed banana
½ cup water

RECIPE: PREHEAT oven to 350 degrees; Prepare cookie sheet with parchment paper, cooking spray or lightly oil (I use parchment paper); Combine flour, dry milk and mashed banana in medium bowl. Mix in egg. Add water until mixture forms dough. Roll out onto floured board. Cut with cookie cutter. Bake for 15 minutes or until browned.

Decorate as desired! I used a little Wilton Candy coat, melted peanut butter chips, coconut and a few candy sprinkles.  Store in an airtight container. For the best freshness, refrigerate or freeze.

Please note: I wouldn't give these to my dogs every day.  My treats are all natural with no sugar or salt added--except on occasion when decorations are added.

Next time, one of my poochies favorites--Parmesan Pizza Bones.


  1. wow ilike to make them for the dog her and they seem to make great treats

  2. These dog treat look amazing. My children would really enjoy making these for our dogs.I like that we know what were making them with so they can be healthy.

    1. With all the recalls on pet products, you never know what you are giving your pet. :( When you make you own treats you control the ingredients that go into the goodies. And I can attest to the fact, my dogs have never turned down one of my treats! :)

  3. I am going to have to make these for my mom's dog. Thank you for the recipe.

  4. Thank you for the recipe. I don't have dry milk. I think I will use milk instead of water and leave out the dry milk.


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