Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fence Post Candlesticks

I got this fabulous idea from the Drab to Fab web site.  You can visit and read their tutorial here:  Fence Post Candlestick tutorial

This was my first experience at distressing wood.  I read a few different articles prior to beginning and they all pretty much gave the same advice.  So I gathered my tools and went to work.  It was a fun endeavor and one I will definitely try again.

MATERIALS:  4x4, fence post top (Home Depot), nails, paint, decorations (I used flowers I dried myself )
PATTERN:   Drab to Fab: Candlesticks

Bare wood, right after they were nailed together and "distressed".

 After the first coat of paint.


 After the second coat of paint.  Each candlestick got better as I painted them.  The first one I painted needed the most sanding when I finished.

I made these to give as a gift, so when I decorated them I didn't glue on any of the trimmings.  I want the recipient to be able to use them any way they wish and to embellish them however they desire.  So the flowers are tied on with the ribbon and are easily removed.

The tallest one.

The medium size.

And the smallest one.  This one needed the most work, since I started with it.  I figured if I messed it up it would have the least amount of sanding involved to fix it. 

Back view.


  1. Now THAT's an awesome tutorial!! I think that I know what I'm doing this weekend!!

    Have a good one!


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