Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Madame Alexander Doll Clothes

Meet my model.  She was a set of two sister dolls, however, someone came into Amanda Callahan's Doll Shop and stole her twin right off the shelf!  So, my boss bought her for me as a play/dress up doll.  Thanks again, Leigh!  :) 

This is the outfit she came in. A cute little capri pant and ruffle-sleeved top.  I took her pants and top and made my own pattern and created this outfit.  If anyone would like a copy of this pattern, please contact me: sandyelli@gmail.com

I embroidered the flowers up the leg just to give it a little extra touch.  And then went around the edges of the sleeve and neck with the pink thread to give it a little extra color.

Then Leigh told me about Lexie & Jenny dolls and the patterns for their clothes.  You can buy these patterns online.  Lexie & Jenny patterns  These are some of the dresses I made from the Lexie and Jenny patterns.  As soon as my granddaughter(s) are a little older we can dress her up together.

I used leftover material from my granddaughter's nursery bedding on this dress.
 This overskirt is just a wide lace that was given to me.
  This is one of my favorites.  I bought some quilt coordinates and added a plain cotton piece that I had left over from another project.

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