Sunday, April 18, 2010

Knitted Baby Stroller Blanket

My daughter-in-law received a cute bright colored stroller/car-seat sized knitted blanket when she was expecting her first daughter.  I saw it and instantly thought of this pattern.  This is a dishcloth pattern my mom has made for many, many years. I changed the size of the needles, found a soft yarn that comes in some fun colors for babies and it's so easy they work up fast!

MATERIALS: Lion Brand "Vanna's Choice" baby 7 0z (color choice optional)
GAUGE: size 11 knitting needles
With MC cast on 5.
Row 1: K2, YO, K across.
Row 2: K2, YO, K across. Repeat rows 1 & 2 until you have reached 100 stitches.
Row 96: K2, YO, K2tog twice, K across.
Row 97: K2, YO, K2tog twice, K across. Repeat row 96 & 97 until the end bind off.

K = Knit
K2tog = Knit two stitches together
MC = main color CC = contrast color
YO= yarn over

Patterns for personal use only. Copyright© 2010 by author

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  1. Oh my, so cute! It looks so cozy and warm. It's a perfect gift for my cousin who's going to have a baby soon! Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Hi, these are so cute and such a great idea!! How big does this baby blanket come out to be? Thanks so much!

    1. All of the blankets I have made have been given away so I don't have one to actually measure, but it is just a small square, perfect to cover a baby while in a car seat.


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